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Taula Jewelry

We were approached to make a short introductory reel by the founder/owner of Taula Jewelry.  Taula is an excitingly fresh new jewelry created by Kanika Mittal.  Watch as she talks about her inspirations in making these beautiful works of art.

Videography: Jude Lim

Production Assistant: Yvonne Teo


Caleb and Joanna Wedding

Watch the touching highlights of Caleb and Joanna’s wedding. A couple whose love story started in childhood culminating in a beautiful union at the altar with heartfelt, humorous and very personal vows. The Dancing Lenses team is happy to be a part of this joyous moment

Produced by: Dancing Lenses Pte Ltd
Camera Operators: Jude Lim, Eugene Ranada, Kenneth Gargoles, Mike Lee
Edited by: Eugene Ranada